The Jewish community on campus has a large population with a total of 5,000 students. The Orthodox community is a tight knit community that has more than 40 Orthodox students. Students feel very comfortable playing an active role in the community.There are more than 60 orthodox students.

Davening on Campus

The Orthodox minyan at Boston University holds all weekly Shabbat services, holiday services, as well as a daily morning, afternoon, and evening minyan. We don’t hold a regular mincha/maariv minyan. With a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, the minyanim invite all to join in and explore their connection to Judaism and to God. These predominantly Hebrew services are student-led. Many of the prayers are sung to traditional, Carlebach and other popular Jewish tunes and all students are encouraged to participate and sing along.

Housing on Campus

In terms of housing, most students are in the campus dormitories, most observant students live on East campus in Towers. This helps create a community on campus that allows people to make friends and create communities on campus. The campus is part of an eruv.

Shabbas on Campus

Shabbas with Hillel at BU is a big part of the college experience. Friday night davening has between 25 and 50 students for each of their three minyanim – Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. The community joins together after services to sing together outside of the chapels and then proceed downstairs to a free Friday night dinner, where anywhere from 150-200 students convene. Shabbat morning has between 20-40 students for Orthodox davening, which includes a kiddush and insightful mini-class, followed by a community lunch. Sometimes students host lunches at their apartments and everyone eventually makes their way back to Hillel for reading, napping, playing pool, ping pong and board games. Shabbat comes to a close with a multi-campus 3rd meal, bringing together students from Northeastern, MIT, and BU to join for a meal, davening, and then havdallah.

Kosher Food on Campus

Hillel has a dining hall located on the third floor that serves kosher food, including a salad bar, hot and cold vegetarian options, and desserts and a made-to-order grill twice a week. The dining plan at Hillel is part of the BU dining program and is open to anyone with a student meal plan on campus. Lunch is served Monday through Friday from11:30am-2 pm and on Shabbos from 12-2 pm. Dinners is served Monday through Thursday from 5-7 pm and on Fridays it’s following services. There is also a Ready-to-go option that can be ordered in advance and picked up in the dining hall at Hillel.

Services, Study and Amenities

The OU-JLIC couple on campus provide a wide variety of classes and one-on-one learning opportunities for students on campus. Hillel provides all sorts of services and amenities for students on campus, as it is the umbrella for all Jewish clubs at BU.